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Please make your reservation online, by phone or email with at least 2 days prior to your departure/arrival. We will send you a confirmation by email for every reservation you will make by email or online.

Reservations made by email will be confirmed by us by email. Reservations made online will be automatically confirmed by the reservation system. If you would like a written confirmation in addition, please mention this in the “Observations” field.

We take no responsibility for reservations made directly to the driver. Please book your trip by phone at: +40 743 986 865 / +40 744 474 792 / +40 755 124 585 / +40 356 103 007 / +40/356 103 007, email at or using our online reservation form.

* In the event that the booking dates were incorrectly transmitted (different dates, wrong flight dates), we are not responsible for your transportation.

Passengers will be contacted 1 day prior to their departure to the airport Budapest. We’ll call you to communicate the pick up time from your address.

Our driver will call you again with 10-15 minutes before his arrival at your address.

At your landing on the airport Budapest, after custom formalities, pick up your luggage please come into the waiting room where our driver is awaiting for you with a sign with your name on it.

If you cannot find with the driver, please wait for him in the waiting room. He may be on the other terminal, waiting for other passengers. If your luggage got lost please don’t delay more than 1 hour without announcement; please call us at +40 744 474 792 or +40 743 986 865.

Please note that canceling your flight or canceling your reservation, loss of a flight, or any other change in the itinerary of your trip requires you to notify this to our company as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be charged for the reserved transport service.

Please consider that our company does’t work like a taxi company; the departures and arrivals to/from Budapest airport are organised depending on your flies. Therefore, we ask you to have the goodwill to accept a 2 hours – 2 hours and a half possible difference between your departure/arrival and the other’s .

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